the full-scale


We have the ability to repair and remanufacture a variety of engine components to their original operating performance - and beyond. Whether you need a full engine build or a crankshaft balanced, Riverside Performance Engines can be the single shop to cover your needs.

items we work on:


  • Industrial Engines
  • Performance Engines
  • Valves
  • Bore Clylinders
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Crankshaft
  • Flywheel Surface
  • Camshaft Grind
  • Tappet Grind
  • Parkerizing
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our services include:


Complete Engine Rebuilds
  • When rebuilding engines, we restore and reuse as many main components as we can. Being a full-scale machine shop, we can take your used engine and rebuild the components to run like a new engine.
  • Engines are machined in a CNC machine that guarantees factory specifications.
Crankshaft Balancing & Polishing
  • Crankshaft balancing provides optimized performance, smoother running engine, less energy wasted, and longer engine life.
  • Polishing the crank is to make ensure the matting surfaces of the bearings to the journals are as smooth as possible within specifications.
Cylinder Head Work
  • We're skilled at head surfacing, head rebuilds, pressure testing, seats & guides installs, valve jobs, and more.
Block Work
  • Our expert block work includes bore, deck, CNC honing with diamond stones, and clearancing for stroke engines.
Cylinder Sleeving
  • We use Melling Darton cylinder sleeves or power bore sleeves when needed for automotive applications when the engine cylinders need to be smaller than the actual bore size.
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