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Riverside Performance Engines is a family-owned business located in Little Rock. We're proud to serve our region and beyond with the highest quality service, skill, and machinery. We're masters at tearing down, cleaning up, and rebuilding engines. We can also build new, from bare blocks, exactly to customer specifications. Working on engines is our specialty, and our team is driven to deliver quality products with an outstanding failure rate of less than one percent. It's our mission, and it would be an honor to serve you.



We offer complete automotive work including custom engine rebuilding, crankshaft balancing, cylinder head machine work, and block blueprinting to customer specification. With our team on your side, you can expect:

  • All engines are hand-built with a focus on high-quality results.
  • Complete rotating assemblies are precision balanced to provide smooth operation and long life of the engine.
  • Blocks are CNC machined for true accuracy.
  • Precision valve seat and guide machining guarantee great performance and long life.
  • Computerized Rottler honing machine uses diamond stones to ensure accuracy to within .0002”.
  • A Mitutoyo profilometer is used to check cylinder bore and deck surface finishes.
  • Overall high-quality work from a team of experts!
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We love working on high-performing engines and giving cars the power and torque they deserve. Our engines, rotating assemblies, and cylinder heads are built to very high standards. And, we continue to invest in the newest and most advanced equipment on the market, which means you can count on us to build to the highest level of of performance, power, and reliability. In fact, our level of expertise and range of in-house capabilities is unrivaled in the region. If you're ready to give your car the go, we're the number one team to know.

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Our team has a wealth of experience servicing and rebuilding natural gas engines, diesel engines, generator sets, and compressors for industrial and agricultural industries. We understand all aspects of your engine as well as how important it is to your business. That’s why we run all engines through a series of tests. We want to ensure they’re operating at their full potential - so your business can, too.

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Our Clean Room


We build all of our engines in a "clean room" where the humidity and temperature are regulated. The floor is pristine and the lights illuminate every detail, allowing us to focus on precision engine assembly without the worry of dirt, dust, or other distractions.
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